Exactly what you need! 

Exactly what you need! A professional writer with a proven track record who will make sure your book or special writing project is completed once and for all!                                                                 

Yes, I Can Write!

I have authored, co-authored and / or edited more than 25 books, manuals or toolkits and dozens of articles and blogs.

I have written: 

...over 25 books and manuals about marketing, copywriting, freelancing, how to open and manage a beach bar, child abuse, family violence, animal cruelty, traveling, downsizing, establishing a resume writing business, and even the research on 1,000 words for the newly released book, “How to Speak Intelligently About Everything That Matters.” 

…dozens of articles on accessibility, seniors, baby boomers, health and wellness...

...web content, special reports, and millions of dollars in successful grant applications.

I was the Executive Producer of an award winning child abuse prevention video and the ghostwriter for several international policing awards.

Writer Focused on Research, Writing, Results. 

Do you wake up every morning with a determination that today is the day - the day you begin to write the book or start the other large writing project you need to complete? 

But does reality set in again and again?

You admit you really do not have the dedicated, focused time - time without interruptions - to actually work on the writing projects that you need completed. 

You admit, that really, writing is not your expertise. You are a skilled and knowledgeable professional, with lots of experience to share. But frankly, trying to write about it leaves you frustrated, with a major case of writer’s block.

If you have a burning desire to publish a book...

If you have expertise to share and information that others could benefit from…

If you need a special report, updated website, articles or 'how to' manuals...

If you are you sitting on a gold mine of potential profits - but don’t know how to convert your skills and expertise into an e-book you can sell...

Then help is on the way. Simply contract the work to a professional with experience in research, writing and results.

You get the positive feedback, the accolades, the great feeling from finally having completed that big writing project - while someone else does all the work!

If you have everything you need to get started - except the time - or the time and expertise to tackle the job, then it’s time to call in a pro. 

With over 25 years experience, and a long list of writing accomplishments and testimonials, I can get the job done. 

Take action and contact Suzanne Mulligan-Born today. 

I will do the work,  giving you the benefit of my track record for completing the RESEARCH and WRITING, guaranteeing RESULTS for you, once and for all!

Email me today and let's start the conversation. 

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